5 Fun Family Friendly Adventures in Moab

Perhaps one of the most well-known outdoor experience areas in America, Moab has more than extreme pile biking routes and steeps walking paths – Moab is a superb place for outdoor family fun, too.  Nestled in a green valley surrounded by red sandstone cliffs, Moab is a small tourist-centered community with a small amount of record, a few music festivals, fun water sports, and a lot of things for young families to do!

Movie Museum

Moab is a popular location for western films since the 1930s, numerous John Wayne videos including Stagecoach and the Rio Grande being filmed here.  More recent films taken in the region include City Slickers, Thelma and Louise, Geronimo, and hundreds of advertisements. The Movie Museum at the Red Cliffs Lodge is a great way to spend an hour, taking a look at old movie posters, props and Halloween costumes from the past 80+ years of Moab area filmmaking. You’ll be surprised at just how many movies, TV show,and commercials were actually filmed in the region.

Music Festivals

Moab also places on two well-known music festivals – the Desert Rocks Music Festival in May, and the Moab Music Celebration in late summer months. Desert Stones Music Festivity is a three-day music happening that features a wide range of genres, from rock and roll to hip-hop to country.  Popular works in 2012 are the Wailers, Beats Antique, and Sibling Ali. The Moab Music Festival is a 12-day music event influenced the amazing Moab surroundings. Mostly showcasing traditional chamber music, the event in the past has had performances from word school music artists, vocalists, and pianists.


In the long run, enjoying the outside is why family members go to Moab.  Four-wheeling is a popular activity, and young families can take led trips or rent a 4X4 and struck the trails on their own.  The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Path is one of the very most popular trails to take a 4X4 because it is possible to get close up views of dinosaur bones and fossil remains.

  • Easy-to-find bones include sauropod knee bone fragments, vertebrae, ribs, and feet bones, and the fossilized remains of a large tree trunk plus some smaller vegetation, plus several types of dinosaur tracks.
  • Past the dinosaur bones, you can also see an empty copper mill and the remains of the Halfway Stage Station, a lunch stay in the 1800s for stagecoaches touring between Moab and Thompson, Utah.

Hiking and Biking

Hiking and biking are the reason that a lot of people check out the Moab area, and families don’t need to feel overlooked.  In addition to difficult, expert-level tracks there a wide range of short, flat paths that provide themselves to families quite well.  Not merely are they easier to navigate, but the payoff can be awesome.  The Corona Arch Trail is a reasonably easy trail, as it is mostly flat in support of a 3-mile round-trip. More details in this post: http://www.frogshollowtofino.com/top-things-to-see-in-canyonlands-national-park/

Upon this short trail, the thing is three spectacular arches, the most remarkable of which is Corona Arch.  Sometimes called Little Rainbow Bridge, Corona Arch’s opening is an awe-inspiring 140-ft by 105-feet, and absolutely beautiful. If you’re going to have your family on any hike in Moab, do that one.


If you wish to log off the rocks and from the heating, you can always go ahead this inflatable water.  Moab is really the only town in Utah that sits on the Colorado River, and there are many drinking water sports options for tourists.  You can take the river completely to the Canyonlands National Playground in a canoe, kayak, raft, or jet boat, and all those options are for sale to a rental in Moab.

Lastly, you are able to pilot yourself, take led tours, or even take a sunset or meal cruises for a little more luxury (and a lot less paddling). If little or nothing else, kids love doing some going swimming at the parks located along the Colorado River in Moab.

Top Things to See in Canyonlands National Park

Located along the Green and Colorado Rivers between two other national parks, Glen Canyon, and Arches, Canyonlands is the largest national park in Utah with more than 337,500 acres and the geology showcase of the United States. It is outstanding than the Grand Canyon, without crowds and much more attractive. Canyonlands national park is an amazing adventure destination. None of the viewpoints in the park have cannons tilted in all directions. The spectacular viewpoints offer incredible views of 100 miles.

The abrasive force of the Colorado River, which dates back 300 million years ago, has uprooted the complex series of canyons and shaped the arid and irregular landscape. Canyonlands is a large national park in the state of Utah. It is well-known for its gigantic rocky structures known as the needles, however, that is not the only thing worth viewing. There are a plenty of wonderful attractions in this park. Therefore, when visiting be sure to see the following attractions in this park.

The Mesa Arc

The Mesa Arch is a wonderful arch that hangs over a giant cliff. The hike to the arch is just simple, each person can make this short walk of .5 miles. This cannot be a very difficult hike, but the view is remarkable, none the less. The arch is called the Mesa arch as you may see the arch during the internal of the hike. Visiting this fascination during the sunset will provide you an incredible photo opportunity of the sunset under the giant arch.

The Grand View

The Grand View is located in one of the top points of the Canyonlands national park. It’s the side thing to being able to view the three sections of the Canyonlands National Park all at once. There are a lot of opportunities to take pictures of this impressive viewpoint.

The Needles

The Needles of the Canyonlands National Park are outstanding to see. They are the most well-known monuments of the park, reason enough to visit them. These beauties truly paint an image of how great nature can actually be. Definitely worth visiting if you have time.

Special considerations, when planning to remain on the paved roads; drinking water, bring food, and emergency motor vehicle repair equipment. The closest services to the island at the entrance to Heaven are in the city of Moab and the neighboring areas of the Labyrinth are the cities of Hanksville and Green River.


Carry your sleeping bag and throw it away for one of the silent nights of sleep. When a late arrival is expected in Moab, the best plan is to reserve a place to stay. The camps operated by local entrepreneurs have flushing showers, toilets, and drinking water taps. The commercial camp in Moab offers 771 RV sites, 468 tents sites with connections and 118 camping cabins. Reservations with these camps in Moab Utah, particularly during weekends or late arrivals, will lessen the anxiety of outcome a place to throw it down.

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